Alaskan Inspiration and Healing Adventures

ALASKAN INSPIRATION ADVENTURE JOURNEY Come to the amazing land of Eagle Councils, Marches of Majestic Mountains,  the Dance of the Northern Lights, the Storytelling wisdom of Raven, and the healing power of Wildness.  Come feast on marvelous fresh seafood, learn about Northwest Coast Native art and spirituality.  Feel the presence of ancient Supernatural Beings.  Introduce yourself to a different way of seeing.  Immerse yourself in your own Spirit Art creations in your choice of media.  Renew your passion for healthy living with yoga, dance, and simple delicious meals.  Challenge your belief systems with Spirit Puppet interactions.  Make your own Higher self Transformational Mask and move with it in ceremony.  Raft the Chilkat River, hike a mountain trail and walk picturesque beaches.  Stay in Fort Seward apartments or friendly bed and breakfasts.  Become friends with interesting people.

Welcome to Supernatural SE Alaska and Fort Seward / Haines - the Chilkat Valley of Eagles.  Step back in time in this idyllic fishing village and site of ancient Native culture and the first army Peacekeeping Fort built in Alaska.  Haines is home to a world famous gathering of Eagles, the seat of the Tlingit peoples power base, numerous skilled artists, hub of outdoor adventuring, and home of many interesting friendly people.  Haines is also a budding wellness center with many skilled practicioners in massage, NIA, Yoga, Zumba, and more.  Large totem poles have been traditionally made here, and many carvers create woodcarvings.  Haines is known for its scenery:  lakes, fiords, mountains, rivers, big trees, wild animals and amazing vistas.  Haines has many fine facilities including a fabulous library, museums, Eagle Foundation Interpretive center, Chilkat Center for Arts and Performance, Southeast Alaska State Fair Grounds, swimming pool, numerous art galleries and studios. 

Coming as part of the Transformational Arts Adventure gets you in on the ground floor of the Valley of Eagles culture base where you can be introduced to many insider connections and experiences.  Hometown multimedia artist, Tresham Gregg, will be your host and artistic coach for the journey which can take you to an increased awareness of magical moments and transformational encounters with spirit beings and people.  Here you can do it all:  have outdoor adventures, see things through an artistic eye, get a glimpse into the immagination of the Tlingit people and their art, eat well and learn basic cooking skills, take a shamanic drummning journey, make your own personal transformation mask and wear it in ceremony.  Become your Greater Spirit Self and step into the Supernatural Realm.  Discussions, drumming, dancing, feasting, and artistic creation approaching the gift of Inner Peace - actually what the ancient Tlingits did at their winter Potlaches. 

Outdoor Adventures are many, including:  beach hikes, mountain trails, river rafting, kayaking, beach picnics, bear watching, fishing, boating, flight seeing, and more.  All of these are optional, but worth doing at least one.  See the Haines website for more details.  Tresham will be offering artistic sojurns to places of artistic and spiritual interest. 

Accommodations - the Fort Seward Condos are the place to stay - Victorian Officers Row appartments with a commanding view of the Fort, Bay, and Santa Claus Mountain.  Fully furnished apartments where you can gather, relax, prepare food, do laundry.  Your hostess, Annette Smith, will fill you in on history, activities, local orientation, and delicious meals.  There are also local bed and breakfasts within walking distance that are also fun to stay in.