Alaskan Art Paintings by Tresham Gregg

Tresham's spirit art paintings represent a unique vision of supernatural realm spirit beings done in acrylic on board or canvas experimenting with different ways of expression through paint. Some are blended colors, some are pontillist treatments, some are relief build ups on boards, and some are a watercolor treatment. Category image is "Peace Pact" watercolor and acrylic on illustration board.

mystic art painting, fantasy characters, Alaskan Art, Snow Dragon, Northern Goddess

Fantasy Painting by Tresham Gregg  depicting Northern Goddess surfing mountain snow dragons in her quest to bring balance to the seasons on earth. 


Large acrylic painting by Tresham Gregg framed celebrating the peace keeping spirit of the forest animals and birds together with the nature conscious human in harmony.



Within each of us resides the Spirit of the Stars both as Galactic Influences and Inner Becoming poised to take our place on the register of Spiritual Heros.  We must face our fears and continue to put our best foot forward, changing problems into opportunities for the welfare of mankind.  Tresham's Star Spirit paintings are a composition of materials to sculpt the head and rays of the star.  They can be portraits of yourself as your Inner Starlight Spirit in the colors you choose.  Talk to Tresham about the details of creating your portrait. 

unique original acrylic flow painting on board

Unique original acrylic flow painting on board with black and gold frame of Northwest Supernatural fantasy theme animal shaman transformation figure.  The Mountain Goat was considered one of the highest of the animal spirits and was considered the gate keeper to the Realm of the High Spirits by the ancient Northwest Coast Natives.


Rising out of a burst of winter light, Raven Woman heeds the call of humanity in its cry for a peaceful way of being.  Raven Woman imparts the wisdom and perspective of Great Raven bringing gentleness and sympathy to our awareness of human interactions.  Raven Woman knows humility, yeilding without, gentle strength within.  Hand painted acrylic on masonite board approx 10 x 12 inches.

fantasy painting by Tresham

Swirling out of her own magical realm, the Supernatural Faerie guides us into the Realms of Fantasy, part natural human and part bursting light and energy, our personal faerie sees the realm of all possibilities from a different perspective.  Hand painted acrylic on masonite board, approx  10 x 12 inches.


Raven Woman is the mystic seer holding the mystery of the moon in her hand.  Hand painted acrylic on canvas by Tresham Gregg approx. 14 x 16 inches

airbrush acrylic painting

Great Eagle becomnes the Northern Aurora that he has created forming an irredescent Om sign in the night sky.  Air brush acrylic on masonite panel.  approximately 14 x 16 inches