Goddess and Character Hand Puppets

From hand made Goddess Doll puppets to Happiness Critter Puppets, to Dragons, to Shamans, to Raven Councilors to Happiness Elf puppets and more, one can be sure that each one is a special character in its own right. Slip them onto your hand, change your voice to reflect the character and perspective of the puppet and watch with amazement at the unfolding dialog with your inner child. Of course they will guard your wine bottle from marauding drinkers when you are not consulting them as they turn into your house guardian spirit. A Snow Goddess is pictured here.

Raven, Puppet, Alaskan Art, Shamanic Art

One Crazy Raven is a lot of fun.  Imagine having a crazy imagination coming from a Raven, change your voice, and continue on your improvizing without hesitation, and there you go!  You never know what One Crazy Raven will say next.  Great hand puppet made of leather, foamy, faux fur, beads, and paper clay - all hand made.  About 15 inches tall. 

Goddess, Doll, Puppet, Alaskan Art, Mystic Art, Shamanism

Wild Spirit Goddess Puppet Doll is just that.  Goddess gone wild.  One of the limited edition of goddess dolls recently done in Tresham's workshop featuring wild recycled fabrics and about 14 inches tall.  Comes with stand.

original art, puppet, unusual, funny, zany, hand made

Fun, crazy, zany Bird Brain Hand Puppets to delight your funny bone and challenge your improv skills, these crazy characters are on their way to the Bird Brains Anonymous Luncheon for some unmitigated babble with their friends.  All hand made of recycled fabric, sculpted heads, and Christmas garland as hair. Each one unique and different.

Goddess Puppet Doll "Blue Angel" hand puppet, fantasy, original art

Beautiful, unique Inner Starlight Goddess Hand Puppet Doll to reconnect you to your own inner starlight keeping you guided towards fulfillment and inspiration for others.  Hand made of recycled fabric, faux fur, bead work,composite sculpted head, and leather arms.  Comes with base. Take it off and bring it to life on your hand and talk about a Goddess way of Being.

hand made of leather scraps, faux fur, sculpted head, Bear hand puppet

Tresham's Happiness Bear large hand puppets are handsomely made of leather scraps, sculpted head, faux fur and beads and come with a stand.   Each one unique with different color themes.  A Northwest Coast Fantasy Kachina to bring happiness and peace to your home.

Ravens, puppets, Hand made of leather, faux fur, yarn and paper clay head

Raven Councilor is a positive but quixotic incarnation of the Raven Trickster Being from the Pacific Northwest Coast.  Raven is ready to counsel you any time you put him on your hand.  You never know what is going to come out of its mouth - take his council with a grain of salt, but create some laughter.

unique hand made artistic hand puppet doll

One of a kind collector artistic character hand puppet doll made of fabric, rabbit fur, beadwork and composition clay head

unique hand made artistic hand puppet doll, fairy

In the Fairy Realm, many different tribes exist of the Woodland Fairies including Northern Fairies.  They are the protectors of the Artic and Northern woodlands.  This one is an Ice Queen.  One of a kind hand made puppet doll made of composition clay, fabric, beads, faux fur, and feathers.  Each one can come with a puppet stand.

Handmade shaman puppet doll in rabbit fur.

Fully gowned in rabbit furs, handmade shaman puppet doll by Tresham Gregg.  14 inches high with composition clay head.


Elegant hand puppet with composition head, leather gown, yarn, fabric and beads.  The Lady Wizard holds the key to getting good things done on the stage of life, be it large or small, at home or on the world wide arena.


Made of all natural materials, the Northern Wizard hand puppet comes to life in your hand to remind you that you can do anything that you really desire to do.  You are the wizard of your own Happening.  Each one is unique and can be made to order just for you.  Paper clay head with leather, fauc fur, wood hands and beads.

charming and provocative hand puppet

Tresham's Sea Goddess hand puppet rises to protect the oceans and the life inside it.  Let the miracle of the sea not be mistreated or the consequences will be dire.  She is a combination of many materials including paper clay head, leather and fabric body and yarns, beads and shells.  She measures around 13 inches high and can be displayed on a bottle or taken out and come to life on your hand.  Each puppet is handcrafted and unique and represents spirit beings in an imaginary realm. 

hand puppets, Alaskan Art, Tresham Gregg

Hand made of all natural materials, this Northern Goddess Puppet Doll stands about 14 inches tall, made of deerskin, fur, yard, paper clay, wood and feathers. One needs to be a Nothern Goddess just to survive in the Great Northwest.  All uniquely hand made.