original designs by Tresham Gregg in genuine cloisonne' , Spirit Pins indicate the spirit within various Alaskan animals and Shamanic concepts, some with Northwest Coast Native images, and some with Tresham's fantasy designs

Cloisonne Pins, Polar Bears, Alaskan Art, Midnight Sun

The intrepid Polar Bear inhabits the land of the Midnight Sun in summer and total darkness in mid winter.  As the climate shifts, the Polar Bear is more and more strapped for food with less ice to hunt on. 

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Original designs by Tresham Gregg these handsome genuine cloisonne' pins are an ideal gift for anybody.  They come with a description of the spirit on the back.  Some are Northwest Coast Native or Totem designs and others are Tresham's originals.  They are: Polar Bear, Sea Otter, Humpback Whale, Regal Wolf, Love Spirit, Totem Raven, Eagle Raven Transformation, Sea Warrior, Totem Eagle, Dancing Loon, Dolphin Woman, Sitting Bear, Approaching Eagle, Orca, Flying Eagle, Howling Wolf, Totem Flying Eagle, Salmon Pins.