Medicine Wheel Pendants

Hand cast in lead free pewter from Tresham's original designs these talismanic medallions each have a special healing significance. They are strung on adjustable leatherette cord with a special trade bead and keep their brightness for a long time. A popular favorite in Tresham's Alaskan art galleries.  There are four differnt designs - Hands of the Creator, the Sun enhancing Creativity, Four Bears for Inner Strength and Healing, Four Frogs for Natural Medicine, and Four Ravens for Spiritual Transformation. 

spirit talisman, sun design, pewter pendants

Hands of the Creator Sun Medicine Wheel pewter pendant strung on adjustable leather cord with trade bead.  This unique design by Tresham Gregg features Northwest Native Hands radiating from the central Sun Spirit face hearlding the creative energy of the sun. 

spirit talisman, frog design, pewter pendants

Talismanic cast pewter pendant designed by Tresham with four Spirit Frogs, one for each of the Four Directions of Native American spritual thinking facing the center healing stone usually of Turquoise, Aventurine or Onyx on adjustable leather strap with trade bead.  The Frog was a special sprit for the Natives of the Northwest Coast being the symbol of medicine, often seen depicted with its tounge entering a man's mouth on totem carvings indicating the transferrance of medicine.  These lovely pendants are very popular and are tarnish resistant being made of lead free pewter.

spirit talisman, bear design, pewter pendants

One of four different pewter Medicine Wheel Pendants by Tresham strung on adjustable leather cord with trade bead.  Shows a bear in each of the four directions centering on a semi precious stone usually Lapis, Carnelian, Turquoise or Tiger Eye.  Bear stood for inner strength and healing.