One Crazy Raven Puppet Club

One Crazy Raven Spirit Puppet nvites you to join his puppet club for some imaginative interactions on having more fun - the Happiness Way.  Just contact Tresham for details. 


Welcome to the crazy world of Animystic Spirit Puppets from Alaskan artist puppet creator, Tresham Gregg.  Here we can explore our hidden funny bones and Zen sense of humor while making up puppet interactions.  Each weekend we can have an online puppet jam where we dig deep into our imaginations.   You can learn to make your own spirit puppet and speak through it.  Or you can commission one from Tresham and play with that. You can help put together puppet soaps and do experimental videos.  Dabble in craziness with your puppet host, One Crazy Raven as you prepare for your shamanic Happiness Adventure.

Little Buddy Good Mood Shamans

Someone in your life feeling down, frustrated, needing to look on the bright side, looking for a little humor in life?  Introducing a special opportunity to engage via Zoom, Skype or Facetime with one of Tresham Gregg’s Happiness Critter Puppets for an interactive blend of humor and insight.  Tresham is a Alaskan Artist and life coach with a sense of humor that comes to life with his charming artistic hand puppets.  Whether you are young or old, these puppets can have something interesting to contribute from their unique perspective.  Check out  our special introductory offer and set up an appointment on  Introductory offer is 10.00 for ten minutes. 

Special Puppet Greeting Videos for your loved ones.

Looking for a totally unique special ‘Happiness Greeting’ for your favorite loved one?  Alaskan Artist, Tresham Gregg, puppet maker and puppeteer is offering special humorous puppet greeting improvs as a unique 3 minute video clip especially for you. Our ‘Happiness Critter’ artistic puppets can charm your loved one’s Birthday - or just about any day - with live puppet comedy.  Just contact us by email at with your particulars - who is the greeting for, what are their special interests or situations, where to post, and when it is.  Cost is 10.00  which you can pay via paypal on our website.