Shaman Spirit Helpers Talismans

Animystic Shaman's journey Spirit Helpers

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Bears, shaman journey, talismans, Alaskan Art

Bear Spirit embodies powerful aspects of both positive and negative.  In its positive aspect, it stands for Inner Strength and healing.  It is a Holding Spirit for the Natives of the Northwest Coast, so it can be holding things and situations together or holding them apart.  All of Tresham's hanging Spirit Helpers are unique and different and all hand made with natural materials - clay head, beadwork, leather and fabric fur.

Ravens, spirit, talismans, guardian spirits, Alakan art

Imagine yourself on your shamanic joiurney into the Spirit Realm.  There you hope to encounter one or more Spirit Helpers from another dimension that will aid you in your quest for clarity, insights and understanding, In the old days, these would be animal spirit entities appearing in the natural accoutrements of the time.  Tresham's Spirit Helper hanging talismans have a hand made and painted clay head with leather, beadwork and fabric fur trim.  Each one is different and unique.

Raven Spirit stands for spiritual transformation and cunning; Eagle for special vision, majesty and power; Bear for inner strength and healing; Wolf for freedom, harmony and community

Wolves, spirit, shaman, talisman,

Wolf is a fearless leader and provider for the pack and his family.  Wolf Spirit represents freedom, harmony and community.  The Shaman would hope to connect with Spirit Helpers on his shamanic journey to different realms of consciousness to give him important insights.  All hand made of natural materials. 

talismanic shaman art, Eagles, spirit helpers, Alaskan Art

Spirit Helpers are mystical entities that the Shaman is seeking on her shamanic journey into the Spirit Realm.  Eagle Spirit Helper gives insight from its special vision power and majestic way of being.  Eagle is a protective spirit while knowing when to strike hunting.  It's long distance eyes are always looking for opportunity. All of our Spirit Helpers are made of natural materials - leather, clay head, beadwork, and faux fur.  Each one is uniquely hand made.