Happiness Critter Puppet E-Greet

Send an unforgetable E-Greet to your loved ones for just about any occasion with a comedic appearence from Tresham's Happiness Critter puppets.

Looking for a totally unique special Happiness greeting for your favorite loved one?  Alaskan Artist, Tresham Gregg, puppet maker and puppeteer is offering special humorous puppet greeting improvs as a unique 3 minute video clip especially for you. Our ‘Happiness Critter’ artistic puppets can charm your loved one’s Birthday - or just about any day - with live puppet comedy.  Just contact us by email: seawolf@tresham.com with your particulars - who is the greeting for, what are their special interests or situations, where to post, and when it is.  Cost is 10.00  which you can pay via paypal on our website.