Ladies Goddess tops

Original Tresham Gregg design of Sun Goddess ladies top, black on natural. Also available in rust on natural. Each of the four shirts represent a Goddess type within each of us, and are associated with different Chinese zodiac animals. Tresham also has produced these designs as mini poster art - see Prints.

Ladies fashion top in cotton with silk screen printing of Tresham Gregg's Warrior Goddess type design on all sides black ink on Blue-Gray fabric.  Sm - XL

Epona, the Warrior Goddess holds the balance between life and death, riding on the white horse's regenerative energy, yet striking with the ferocity of the tiger, she cuts through the layers of illusion to the unmasked truth behind trauma and turmoil.


Ladies fashion top in cotton silk screened on all sides with Tresham Gregg's Moon Goddess design in Dark Green ink on Light Green fabric or Dark Lavendar ink on Light lavendar fabric.  SM - XL

Selene, the Moon Goddess, Queen of the Starlit Sky, Selene represents the feminine mystic with perceptive intuition and off beat creativity, whose sensitivity can trigger a sense of traumatic drama in relationships.  Selene is the spirit of brightness of reflected light while encompassing the escapist mystery of darkness.


Ladies fashion top screen printed on cotton on all sides with Tresham Gregg's Earth Goddess design in sizes Small, Med, Lg, and XL.  Green ink on Natural color fabric. 

Freya, the Earth Goddess is the protector of plants, flowers, childbirth and all life on earth. With the steadfast power of the Ox, she maintains a spirit of nurturing, love and vitality for all of life.  She represents the spirit of eternal youth and beauty within each of us. 

original design silk screen printed all sides on cotton scoop neck long sleeves

Original design by Tresham Gregg silk screened ladies cotton fashion top with printing all sides with either black or venetian red ink designs on natural color fabric.  Design represents Sun Goddess personality type or Diva Queen of Light embracing rebirth represented by the Phoenix and the Dragon.  She is associated with the Chinese Zodiac signs of the Dragon and Rooster.