Northwest Supernatural

Alaskan Art Products by multimedia artist Tresham Gregg

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Enchant the senses through the stunning transformational art of Tresham Gregg.  Explore the mystique of Alaska through the mystic quality of Tresham's art.  Tresham captures the unseen spirit of the land through his unique artistic stylization.  

Tresham Gregg is an eclectic multi-media artist that creates a unique assortment of clothing, carvings, masks, jewelry, and other astounding artwork.  Via the Northwest Supernatural studio, he creates a wide arrangement of color-emblazoned items that engage your curiosity for Alaskan culture.  A variety of mystic art techniques allow for a web of interconnected styles that tantalize the eyes and charm the inner child.

Venture into a realm of creative imagination with Tresham Gregg as your guide!