Wood Carvings

A variety of various Tresham Gregg's masks and woodcarvings , some fantasy and nature inspired and some from the Northwest Coast Native Art. Each one unique and provocative. Tresham has been creating hand carved wood masks and sculpture since his childhood roots in Haines, Alaska while a founding member of the Chilkat Dancers performance dance group and native arts revival program. Tresham's carved masks range in size from large - 14 - 18 inches high to quite small - 3 - 4 inches high.  Natural wood sculptures are both wall pieces and standing carvings out of local and domestic hardwoods, handsomely finished. 

Eagles, woodcarvings

With Eagle's amazing long distance eyesight, the Eagle can hunt for small animals from high up in the sky.  This is a large piece of black walnut all hand carved by Tresham. 

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To the Natives of the Northwest Coast, Raven is the creator of the world.  Here Raven is depicted with multiple animal images inside it.  Hand carved out of Alaska Birch by Tresham Gregg.

Bears, Totem Pole, Alaskan Art, woodcarving,

Bear Spirit is the Holding Spirit in Northwest Coast tradition.  Here Bear is depicted holding Salmon - Food For All - in authentic Northwest Coast style.  Hand carved from Alaska Birch by Tresham.

wolf, wall carving, Alaskan Art

The Wolf symbolizes Freedom, Harmony, and Community.  Tresham tries to capture the regalness of Wolf in this unique wall carving out of Rock Maple. 

Eagles, woodcarvings

From the Valley of Eagles, the Chilkat River in SE Alaska, many eagles converge in the fall feasting on the late salmon run.  As the eagles swoop through the sky, they wheel about in the wind.  The Eagle is a symbol of power, majesty, and special vision.  Hand carved by Tresham Gregg  out of Flame grain Alaska Birch.

swan, wall carving, Alaskan Art, Goddesses,

Hand carved out of Rock Maple by Tresham Gregg, heralds the legend of the Swan who turned into a woman along the banks of the river at night  to dance with her human sisters.  This carving survived the Great Seawolf Gallery fire of 2020 and picked up some interesting effects from the scorching.  Highly finished out of very hard Rock Maple. 

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Eagles, woodcarved wall sculpture

Sometimes the Northern Lights look like Eagles as they swoop across the Northern night sky.  Handcarved of Alaska Birch by Alaskan Artiist, Tresham Gregg. 

whale, woodcarving, Alaskan Art,

Handcarved Humpback Whale by Tresham Gregg out of solid Black Walnut. 

Alaskan Art, wood carving, Tresham Gregg, wall carvings, bears, hand made

Black walnut Brown Bear carving by Tresham Gregg

Alaskan Art, wood carving, Tresham Gregg, wall carvings, whales, hand made

 Humback Whale wall carving by Tresham Gregg out of black walnut.  This is a really special piece of black walnut with lots of interesting grain color going through its intricately carved and polished surface.  The wood is highly cured and sturdy.  The Whale represents the history and wisdom of the ancestors to the Natives of the Northwest Coast. 


Alaskan Art, wood carving, Tresham Gregg, wall carvings, eagles, hand made

Alaska Birch wall carving by Tresham Gregg.  Impressionist design of Eagle in motion.

masks, woodcarvings, Alaskan Art, Eagles, Native design inspired

Eagle Woman connects with her Eagle Spirit Allies to gain special vision, insights, inner grace and fortitude to create a fulfilling life on earth.  Hand carved by Trsham of Alaska Birch local hardwood. 

Eagle, whale, totem poles, totemic art, Alaskan Art, woodcarvings,

Hand carved totemic figures depicting life being held in a delicate balance and fed by the Air and Sea Spirits represented by the Eagle and Humpback Whale.  Carved and painted by Tresham Gregg in Haines, Alaska.  Made of seasoned yellow cedar.

Goddess, woodcarvings, mystic masks, Alaskan art

Current piece of Tresham's mystical cottonwood bark carvings - a Sea Splash Goddess.  An interesting cabachon of Ocean jasper is set into the carving. 

Raven, Alaskan mythology, woodcarving, totemic art, Tresham Gregg

Raven was the Creator Being in its highest form for the Natives of the Northwest Coast.  In legend, Raven liberates the Sun from a evil chief's strongbox and flie with it into the sky, bringing enlighenment to mankind.  Here you see the Sun in its beak and strong box underneath.  It is carved of one seasoned piece of Alaska Yellow Cedar and hand painted.

Alaskan Art, wood carving, Tresham Gregg, wall carvings, whales, hand made

All carved from a solid block of seasoned yellow cedar and hand painted with a blend of tribal design of polynesian and northwest coast peoples heralding the migration each year of the mighty Humpack Whales between Alaska and Hawaii. 

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, woodcaing, wall sculpture, Alaskan Art, Tresham Gregg,hand made

Some say the north night sky hosts the dance of the Aurora Eagle and Raven as the Northern Lights swoop through the cosmos.  This is a lovely rich red color of Alaska Birch wood all hand carved and polished.  

whale, wood carvings, wall sculpture, Alaskan Art, Tresham Gregg

The Humpback Whale is the connection to the ancestral spirits according to Northwest Coast Naiive spiritual thinking.  Tresham's impressionist stylization captures the spirit of the whale in a handsome piece of Alaska Birch, all hand carved and polished.  It is fairly thick wood, so the tail is well supported. 


Shaman's Spirit Helper with sculpted head backed by leather, seal skin, shells, beads and driftwood mounted on mat board.  The Spirit Helper would appear to the Shaman on his spirit realm journeys and would aid him in his quests.


Example of Shaman Supernatural Helper Spirit Being by Tresham Gregg.  Hand sculpted and painted heads set with collage of natural materials such as deerskin leather, beads, fur, shells, feathers and driftwood.  Mounted on mat board. 


Handcarved and painted wood shamans mask of mystical creature, the Sea Wolf, with fur embellishments. 


A unique collection of exotic 'Goddess' or Fantasy wall masks and wall carvings hand carved of cottonwood bark by Alaska multimedia artist, Tresham Gregg.


Hand carved and air brushed tree or window ornament of Alaska Birch representing the Aurora Eagle Spirit sometimes seen in the Northern Lights.  each one unique in colors:  reds, greens, blues, purples.

hand carved and painted Shamans face mask with fur, , ,

hand carved and painted small face masks and spirit masks used by Shamans in their ceremonies to heal the afflicted.  Carved of yellow cedar or cotton wood bark