Animystic Jewelry


Bringing the world of Spirit Art into your life is one of the main goals of Tresham Gregg’s artwork.  One of the best ways is through the medium of artistic spirit jewelry.  Animystic jewelry combines the concept of connecting to animal spirit entities that are related to our particular personal way of being.  Each of us has one or more animal totemic spirit beings that watch over us, guide us and connect us to our higher selves.  The shaman connects with these entities on her shamanic journey to different realms of consciousness. Wearing animystic jewelry designed and created by Tresham puts you in an awareness connection to your totem animal spirit and helps it give you guidance and protection.  

Tresham creates talismanic jewelry in several different mediums including:  hand cut and hammered silver jewelry, shaman charm necklaces with hand made trade beads and natural materials, galactic and tribal beaded earrings and necklaces with seed beads and subtle goat skin leather, and “Sea Goddess” abalone shell necklaces and earrings.

Tresham has been making these jewelry lines for his Alaskan art galleries for many years and has many very satisfied customers.  Many say their silver earrings are their favorite jewelry pieces.  Tresham’s newest line is Spirit Guides Earrings with animal heads made of air dry clay, and decorated with leather, faux fur and beadwork.  Each animal spirit has a special significance for you.  Shaman Charm Necklaces are a handsome accent piece for both men and women. 

Now is a good time to be invoking your special relationship to your animal spirit helper and guide to help navigate your path in these times of uncertainty. 

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All hand cut and hammered out of sterling silver, Tresham's earrings have been a popular favorite for many years in his Sea Wolf Gallery.  Hammering them gives them inner strength while still being very light weight.  A rouge polishing cloth and story card are enclosed.  Tresham's designs are abstracted spirit art, capturing the essence of the animal spirit in simple flowing shape and style.

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Our Spirit Guides Earrings are a gift form the Shaman's Spirit Helpers who the Shaman meets on her shamanic journey.  The Spirit Guides offer special personal insights and thought provoking guidance to you as you wear them for special events and festivals.  Eagle gives you special vision; Raven, a connection to natural spirituality; Bear, inner strength; Wolf, freedom and harmony, Loon, a sense of the mysterious,; Owl, a special understanding; and Jaguar, a powerful way of being. Let your animal spirit totem ally be your guide and whisper in your ear.

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In the Spring time in Alaska, two eagles will fly high up in the sky and tumble to earth till one of them lets go as part of their mating dance.  They can also be seen just grabbing their talons and giving each other a spin.  This is a new pendant design by Tresham all hand made with a Lapis stone set on it.  Highly polished of thick sterling silver but small enough to be a delicate statement. 

Talismanic Silver Jewelry, Shamanic Art, Alaskan Art, Power Necklace

This semi-precious stone bead necklace hearlds the Tlingit Native tradition of the marraige of the two main clans of Eagles and Ravens creating a Love Spirit silver pendant with matching stone cabachon.  Each one unique.  Ask for current photos of available necklaces.  Beads shown are amber and silver. 

Talismanic Silver Jewelry, Shamanic Art, Alaskan Art, Power Necklace

One of Tresham's Power Necklace of silver and stone, this one with a turquoise stone and beads representing "Spirit Allies" Shamanic Talisman.This design combines Bear for Inner Strength, Eagle for Special Vision, and Mountain Goat for Fearlessness as the Shaman's Spirit Allies that aid him in his journey.