Metal Sculpture

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Eagles, metal wall sculpture

Eagle appears as Northern Lights in Tresham's ground metal art wall sculpture that reflects light diferently as you move.  Made of stainless steel and colored with heat treatment.  Each one unique.

Alaskan Art, Tresham Gregg, wall sculpture, eagles, hand made

When the Northern Lights swoop out of the night sky in the form of a Great Eagle, there is a powerful message afoot for all of mankind.  The creative power of Great Eagle in the spiorit realm is limited to the ethereal - like the brief display of the ever mysterious dance of the Northern Lights.  The dance of polar opposites, yin and yang, come into play in the message, indicating that the unfettered power of yang on the earth plane will find atonement in the spirit realm, and, if left unchecked, will cause havoc on earth.  It is thought that the Aurora Spirit Goddess rides the Aurora Eagle to bring her iridescent light wisdom to mankind when the Northern Lights are in full force across the sky. 

Tresham's metal sculptures are made of light gauge stainless steel sheet all cut freehand, ground surface to catch and throw light, bent into flowing curves and colored with torch heat.  Each one is unique, lightweight and easy to hang.


Swallow in flight with Kyanite mineral set on ground aluminum wall jewelry. 

metal wall art, mineral specimen, ground aluminum art,

Jewelry for your home's wall - this lovely ground aluminum with colorful anodized crystal cluster set on - catches light and changes as you move.  Original design idea and production by Tresham Gregg.

metal sculpture, Eagles, Aurora Borealis

Newest artistic effort of Tresham Gregg is standing and wall sculptures in stainless steel sheet, individually hand cut, bent to Northern Lights ribbon effect, reflective ground surface design and colored with intense heat or transparent spray enamel in green, blue and red.  These lightweight, but handsome metal sculptures are best seen with direct light to catch the reflective quality of the surfacing. Each one unique and hand made by Tresham.