Figurines and Spirit Helpers

Charming figurines that remind you to be in a Good Mood no matter what.  Each one hand made out of natural materials, no two alike.  They represent the animal spirit being that they wear as their headdress - Eagle, Raven, Wolf, Bear, Wildcat, Owl, Fox - each one representing particular attributes. 

Nature Fairy Doll unique handmade of natural materials,

The Woodland Fairies are the protectors of our environment especially the forests where they live. Having detected crisis in their homeland, they appeal to the Galactic Fairies to come to earth to save us from our ongoing and impending disasters. Tresham's Woodland Fairy Dolls are all handmade of natural materials and each one is unique. Some have green wings and some have brown wings. They hang on a elastic cord so they can float, dance, and fly as well as hang around your favorite fairy place.

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Our Good Mood Wolf Shaman is a caretaker of his family and associates.  Always hunting for the best way forward with a positive attitude in spite of obstacles.  This Happy Little Jolly figurine sits on your dresser to great you each morning and remind you to be in a Good Mood.  All handmade out of natural materials each one unique. 

Yeti, figurines, critters

Not Yeti Figurines out of air dry clay.  Two sizes, large and small.  All hand made, no two totally alike.  Not Yeti is your inner excuse critter for holding off on that next step. 

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Happy Go Lucky is an aspect of our inner spirit makeup hopefully.  Our Inner Child easy going, fun loving, caring , happy little critter.  All hand made out of natural materials:  clay, fabric, yarn, beads.  Each one unique.  Place him strategically in your home to keep the Happiness Spirit going. 

Shamans, foxes, figurines,

Fox Good Mood Shaman is happy because his Fox Spirit is cunning, fleeting, active, and self contained, self sufficient.  Let our Fox Good Mood Shaman figurine handmade out of all natureal materials with a great expression keep you in a Good Mood all day, every day.

owls, shamans, good mood talisman

Snowy Owl Shaman brings a wise perspective to life from the far reaches of the North. 

Bears, ravens, figurines, shamans, Alaskan Art, good mood,

Bear Shaman helps maintain a good mood by holding things together, providing inner strength and healing of past wounds or traumas. Raven Shaman calls upon us to accept what we are offered from the Great Spirit with joy and gratitude.   Each one hand made of natural materials and unique. Sold separately. 

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The Good Mood Shaman is calling on his special spirit helper Eagle, to give him special insight on himself and his situations that will help him achieve and maintain a Good Mood.  Eagle is famous for its special long range vision, its power and majesty.